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Group exhibitions

Art Talent Exhibition 2023 Hungary

August-September 2023

Group Exhibition at K Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Canvas International Art Fair: Bodyspaces

July - August 2023

Group exhibition at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, GB

Rome International Art Fair

July 2023

Group exhibition at Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

Borders Art Fair: Secret Spaces

June - July 2023

Group exhibition at Itsliquid Art Space in Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy

Borders Art Fair: Hybrid Identities

May 2023

Group exhibition at Itsliquid Art Space in Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy

Yicca Art Prize 22/23

January 2023

Group exhibition at 28 Piazza Di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

"Kunst 2021" International  Contemporary Art Show

October 2021

Participation at a Group Exhibition at Lite-Haus Galerie + Projektraum Berlin, Germany


October, 2020

Group Exhibition at Ady25 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

35th Month of Art

January-February, 2020

Group Exhibition "35th Month of Art" organized by the Community Center of Budapest, Hungary

Single exhibitions



September - October 2023 

RaM Radnóti Miklós Cultural Centre, Budapest, Hungary


August 2022

Single exhibition at Új Galéria (Újpest), Budapest, Hungary

Almost weightless

December 2021

Single exhibition at BBBKultPont, Budapest, Hungary

Living outlines

June-September, 2020

Single exhibition at Fiktív Gastro Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Blending realities

October-November, 2019

Single exhibition at Community Center of Budaörs, Hungary

Blending realities

April-May 2019

Single exhibition at Ráth Lépcső Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


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Art Talent Competition Hungary 2023

3rd prize winner

Itsliquid International Art Contest 13th Edition

First prize winner

Yicca Art Prize 22/23


Global Talent Art Prize  

Special prize winner

Art Show International  

Merit prize winner

Teravarna Art Prize


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