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Yicca Art Prize 22/23

Almost weightless

"Kunst 2021" International  Contemporary Art Show


Living outlines

35th Month of Art

August 2-21, 2022

January 14-29, 2023

Single exhibition at Új Galéria, Budapest (Újpest Kulturális Központ)

Group exhibition at 28 Piazza Di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Rome

December 3-12, 2021

October 15-20, 2021

Single exhibition at BBBKultPont, Budapest

Participation at a Group Exhibition at Lite-Haus Galerie + Projektraum Berlin 

October, 2020

June-September, 2020

Participation at a Group Exhibition of 13 Hungarian contemporary artists at Ady25 Gallery, Budapest

Single exhibition at Fiktív Gastro Gallery, Budapest

January-February, 2020

Participation at the Group Exhibition titled "35th Month of Art" organized by the Community Center of Budapest

Blending realities

Blending realities

October-November, 2019

April-May 2019

Single exhibition at Community Center of Budaörs

Single exhibition at Ráth Lépcső Gallery, Budapest



Yicca Art Prize


Global Talent Art Prize  

2nd edition   2023

Art Show International  


Category "Abstract"



M5 TV channel


ChromArt Magazine           

CollectArt Publication


Media clippings & publications

I pursued graphic studies at the Graphic Arts Course in Pápa and at Huber Dési Art Circle in Budapest. My unfolding as a painter was incubated by experiences of intellectual divings into meditation, psychology and quantum physics through two decades. I visited the Art School of Buda for 3 years, my master was András Breznay painter, fine artist. I constantly broaden my theoretic and technical knowledge, among others at the Open University of the University of Visual Arts of Hungary, as well as at the online courses of The Museum of Modern Art, NY.

Art studies

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