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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Allow me to start my blog with a personal experience. It’s always important to consider established artists’ opinion on your way becoming an artist. I’d like to say thank you to my master András Breznay and my fellow painter Zsuzsa Gesztelyi Nagy for their feedback that shaped my unfolding as a painter and let my ambitions blossom.

András Breznay fine artist, art teacher, Chairman of Mednyánszky Society opened my first exhibition with these words: “Edina Soós’ paintings not only provide a visual experience, but are full of thoughts and laws. After a while, her interest shifted from the polarized forms of Cubism to an organic, softer line, as this mode of expression makes it possible to hide many more secrets. It was then that she recognized the forms of her own feminine self-expression, the soft forms are already projecting the poetry of surrealism. Some of her paintings go beyond the bounds of visuality and create the effect of synaesthesia.… as if something is whispering, or some of her paintings seem to emit a scent.” Zsuzsanna Gesztelyi Nagy, fine artist wrote in a letter of reference about my art: "The well-known biblical quote comes to my mind first when looking at Edina Soós’ paintings :" Now we see vaguely through a mirror, and then color-by-color; now I have part of the knowledge, and then I will know it as I have known it. " Although it would be obvious to talk about feelings, emotions, moods, and abstract traditions and innovations in connection with Edina's works – I speak rather about something else: I am convinced that she is the rare artist who is able to depict conscience and the nature of conscience. My impression is that she is constantly looking at the above-mentioned interior mirror and conveying to us the images she sees and the nature of these images. The content of the images she sees is personal, and that personality makes her truly authentic - but beyond personal imagery, the way this mirror ‘behaves’: this eternally obscure human mirror is the same for everyone. A fragile human world unfolds before us, a personal, inner reflection of the painter. "

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