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Edina Soós artist in her studio

Original Contemporary

Abstract Figurative Art

Edina Soós' Artist Website

About my art

My art seeks to answer the question of how far it is possible to express ideas with abstract forms, beyond the evocation of emotions. Although my paintings are generally classified as abstract, I like to explore the different levels of abstraction, to play around with the idea of hiding and revealing. This way my artworks usually evoke associations, mainly of birth and evolution, whether it is the genesis of the universe, the origin of life or the evolvement of a human being.

During creation I follow a process-driven method, where the subject is not the primary focus. There is a strong emphasis on spontaneity, exploration and varied use of materials. Gestures and shapes evolve intuitively on the canvas, emerging from my subconscious. In the later stages of the creative process conscious form-making also plays a role.


In the Portfolio section of my page you can have a view of my paintings.



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